What an excellent production!

You’ve provided entertaining, informative footage that must have taken years and years of film making. I have gone spotlighting quite often in the Cairns greater region and have not managed a whisper on your efforts. Your film is actually a precious archive and is a greatly treasured item. I’m sure this would also be the case for many others with an understanding and appreciation of our special part of the world. To my knowledge, no other production has been created of this type.

Yours truly,
November 2016

Congratulations on your Waterbirds of the Wet Tropics

Hi Jack, I’ve just finished watching the second DVD – you have some wonderful footage of the very rich avifauna of the Wet Tropics. I haven’t seen many of the species at all.

I’m incredibly impressed, and hope that you get lots of sales.

July 2018


You have done a bloody good job Jack – really terrific. I was going to watch the Wetland and Waterbirds while on another job, but once it got started I had to sit down and watch it right through. The cover is great. The photography and editing are spot on in my opinion. Hope you sell thousands.


October 2018

We have started watching your DVDs and are delighted, they are just fantastic. I particularly like that they really just showcase the birds in their habitats with no human voices. It is wonderful to be able to see the birds so well and clearly. It is a great way for us to remember our lovely time in Australia.


Angela. July 2020