We have 3 DVDs on offer providing quality video and audio of birds and mammals from various habitats of the North Australian wet tropics.

The two hours of footage of Rainforest Birds has been well received, as has the Mammals video, and this has prompted a follow-on video to cover the Wetland and Water birds.

Rainforest Birds of Australia’s Wet Tropics DVD

Enjoy two hours of uninterrupted viewing. After a brief preamble which explains about the “Wet Tropics” area, and the circumstances related to the production and filming, the birds themselves do the rest.

There is no loud music, and no human voice to be dropped at the crucial moment. Each bird is accompanied by its own call.

This makes the DVD a valuable tool for identification, especially as, in the rainforest, birds are often heard, but not seen.

The bird titles are imposed on snippets which depict some of the various flowers, orchids, fruit & fungi which can be found in the rainforest.

Mammals of Australia’s “Wet Tropics” DVD

This video covers our Macropods ,Possums , Gliders, Fruit Bats, Antechinus, Melomys and Quolls in what has to be the most comprehensive production of its kind so far.

Besides the 44 furry critters, there is an equal  number of Waterfalls, many of which are seldom ,or never seen by the general public. In some cases there is a full days walk through the dense rainforest to see one Waterfall.

Many of these Waterfalls are over 1000 feet in height, others much smaller but quite beautiful.

Wetland & Waterbirds of Australia’s “Wet tropics” DVD

Over 100 Waterbirds has taken many years to produce, as the more I delved into the Waders the longer the list became. Many of these birds migrate from parts of the Northern Hemisphere, and are rarely seen by the casual observer. The majority of the freshwater birds were fairly easy picking.

Because there is over 2 hours of viewing on the two discs, each bird is a chapter, and you can skip from one to the next using the remote control. My player returns automatically to the place where I switched off, as most players today will do.


Each of the three videos above is provided on two DVDs. They  come in a presentation box, which makes them an ideal  gift for that friend or relation that has everything.

Price per video is:
AUD$50 within Australia (includes post & handling)
AUD$65 elsewhere (includes post & handling)

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