Tinaroo Waters Productions, based in North Queensland, Australia, create entertaining and educational DVDs of wildlife in Australia’s “Wet Tropics.”

Jack Leighton, former barramundi fishing and wildlife guide, came to this piece of heaven in 1936, and literally grew up in,  and observed everything that moved in the rainforest.

These remarkable videos will bring scenes from the wild into your home.


We have 3 DVDs on offer providing quality video and audio of birds and mammals from various habitats of the North Australian wet tropics.

The two hours of footage of Rainforest Birds has been well received, as has the Mammals video, and this has prompted a follow-on video to cover the Wetland and Water birds. Continue reading “Products”


What an excellent production!

You’ve provided entertaining, informative footage that must have taken years and years of film making. I have gone spotlighting quite often in the Cairns greater region and have not managed a whisper on your efforts. Your film is actually a precious archive and is a greatly treasured item. Continue reading “Testimonials”

About us

In 2002 Jack made his first video which portrayed the incredible numbers of Platypus that congregated in Lake Tinaroo as a result of the drought. This was followed by a video on Barramundi fishing which starred many of his customers through the years

It was during his birdwatching tours that Jack became very much aware of the need for a DVD which would show to advantage the wonderful birds here in the ‘Wet Tropics’ of North Queensland.

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